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TV Ratings: Cable-News Views Soar During Pandemic

5/07/18 Chris Cuomo Primetime

Viewership for all three of the nation’s main cable-news outlets soared in April as viewers tuned in at all hours for information on the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

While Fox News captured the most viewers during the month, CNN notched the biggest audience gain across its total day, scoring an increase of 179% in viewers between the ages of 25 and 54, the demographic most coveted by advertisers in news programs. Fox News, which had the most viewers in the category, saw an increase of 83% among viewers between 25 and 54, while MSNBC notched a gain of 54%.

The surge lent CNN its best month in the demo since 2005.  At MSNBC, viewership in the advertiser demo in daytime programming was at its highest levels since April 2003.

You can read additional details at Variety.

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