Today’s Actions Set the Stage for Tomorrow’s Outcome

Diana Ross did not give the entertainment world what they wanted, she gave them what they needed. Diana Ross has graced many stages around the world with her sheer elegance. To grab the camera’s attention, she never compromised her integrity to expose her private assets, but instead embodied class, sophistication and the spirit of a vivacious Black woman.

Last week, I was in the bank when a young man passed me. My surprise was that he returned to me and said, “Thank you.” I questioned, “Thank you for what?” He replied, “It’s not often I smell or see a woman like my grandmother nowadays.” As our conversation continued, he was surprised by the perfume and outfit I wore that day.

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Nevertheless, my parents wore the sharpest suits and my father never wore gym shoes outside our house. Throughout our home were pictures of Billie Holiday (Diana Ross), so as a child I looked forward to one day following in her footsteps as a Black woman in America.





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I am deeply humbled and honored by the impact that my career has had on the entertainment world. As a Black woman, I have strived to embody class, sophistication and vivacity, and it is gratifying to know that I have inspired young people to follow in my footsteps. It is this legacy that I leave behind as I embark on my next journey in life.

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