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TI Sits Down with Media Mogul Tyler Perry


TI sits down with media mogul Tyler Perry. Tyler talks about his years of growth and success, and shares how black women and the black church have helped to cement his brand. Plus Tip and Tyler share invaluable secrets of success and talk about the importance of ownership in yourself. Then the conversation shifts as the Madea creator talks about the complexities of operating his own Tyler Perry production studios and reveals if his legendary character Madea is really dead. Don’t miss this incredible conversation of business, life, and legacy on this episode of expediTIously! SUBSCRIBE▶︎ bit.ly/expediTIouslySubscribe Listen to the full episode now on Apple Podcasts: apple.co/expediTIouslypod Spotify: spoti.fi/expediTIously PodcastOne: bit.ly/expeditiouslypodone Follow Tyler on social media: IG ▶︎ https://www.instagram.com/tylerperry/… FB ▶︎ https://www.facebook.com/TylerPerry/ TW ▶︎ https://twitter.com/tylerperry Follow us and Tip on social media: IG ▶︎ https://www.instagram.com/expeditious… TW ▶︎ https://twitter.com/expeditiouslyti Tip IG ▶︎ https://www.instagram.com/troubleman3… Tip TW ▶︎ https://twitter.com/Tip?s=20 expediTIously merch now available🔥 🔥 ▶︎ https://titrapstore.com/ The multi-hyphenate rapper, actor, entrepreneur, family man, philanthropist and activist, Tip “T.I.” Harris is bridging the gap and shedding light on important social topics and much more in an authentic, eyebrow-raising dialogue that might make you want to pull out your dictionary…Expeditiously.

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