Tips for Teaching Your Kids To Clean Up After Playtime

Tips for Teaching Your Kids To Clean Up After Playtime

Learning proper cleanliness starts at a young age, from washing hands to cleaning toys off the ground. Of course, kids aren’t always happy when you introduce them to the concept of cleaning up. This can make the learning curve a bit complex at first. For this reason, we’re going to show you how to introduce proper cleaning habits. Make messes more manageable by using these tips for teaching your kids to clean up after playtime.

Choose Easy-To-Clean Clothing

First, shop for easy-to-clean clothing for your kids. Getting clothes wet or muddy during playtime can happen. This doesn’t mean you should keep your kids indoors. The good news is that you can prepare successfully beforehand. Some clothing is easier to clean than others, so choose your kids’ clothing carefully. There’s nothing inherently wrong with giving your kids clothes with complex cleaning instructions. However, when it comes to teaching them how to complete that cleaning, it’s best to use easy-to-clean clothes.

That way, the kids can learn the basics of using the machine before getting to special instructions. Don’t forget that easy-to-clean clothing comes in many stylish forms. Among the most stylish adaptive footwear options for toddlers is a pair of machine-washable shoes. It’s understandable to assume footwear can’t go into the washing machine, but some can. So read the instructions carefully before buying. Shoes can be frustrating to clean when you get them caked in gunk, but having the ability to toss them in the washing machine is easier for parents to teach their kids.

Find Convenient Storage Options

An excellent tip for teaching your kids to clean up after playtime is shopping for great storage options. The reason this tip is particularly helpful is that it benefits cleanup time and interior design. For instance, a stylish basket or chest can elevate your interior design with its appearance and can double as storage for your kids’ toys.

After all, some playtime happens indoors, but it can still leave a mess around the house. Less clutter means more comfort when moving around any room. As soon as you start giving your kids toys, make sure you have storage ready in their play area so that you can promote proper cleanup every day.

Lend a Helping Hand

Finally, don’t forget to lend your children a helping hand during cleanup time. Promoting independence is wonderful at the right times, but this situation is more beneficial when it’s a team effort, at least at first. For instance, this step gives you a way to gradually introduce your little ones to managing bigger messes. Additionally, divvying up the cleanup provides the perfect opportunity to teach kids about organization and strategizing. Instead of tackling the messes randomly, your kids can see the benefit of structuring their cleanup time. Again, your kids may not latch onto this idea right away, but making it routine is essential. When your kids are ready to learn how to keep their space clean and calm, use the tips above to set them down the right path.

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