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The story behind the masterpiece

By: Angelica L. Owens/Beauty Editor 

“For me, Art is restoration of order. It may discuss all sorts of terrible things, but there must be satisfaction at the end. A little bit of hunger, but also satisfaction.”- Toni Morrison

Harmony Granderson, a rising Sophomore at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University painted this mural to shed light on the Black Lives Matter movement. She also wanted to pay homage to the A&T Four, who started the Sit-In Movement in 1960, here in Greensboro, NC.

Harmony used her artistic expression to try to make a positive impact in the city. However, a lot of people had a problem with her painting, just because she was Biracial. She attended a Historically Black University to get in tune with her blackness even more. She never thought that those same people would be the ones to put her down and have negative comments to say about her painting.

Even though she wanted this to be a positive piece to bring to downtown Greensboro, there have been many misconceptions about the painting. Many people thought that she was glorifying the last words of George Floyd, Eric Garner, Javier Ambler, and many others who have lost their lives from police brutality when in reality, she was trying to say that as black people, we can not breathe. Harmony added the logo of the University to honor the Aggies who paved the way for social and political change.

Since she is both an Activist and a Social Media Influencer, the painting has had both negative and positive influences. While she lost a lot of followers and friends who were worried about ruining their reputation, she grew thicker skin and mind strengthening strategies, She learned how to stand her ground and how to stop over-explaining herself when it is redundant.

Angelica L. Owens
IG: angellorine
Twitter AngelLorine1
FB: Angel Lorine Owens

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