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The Personal Stylist To Go To

By: Angelica Owens

If you have trouble picking out outfits for occasions or putting together clothes you already have in your closet, Krystal Hall is the personal stylist you should go to.

She realized she had a purpose her Sophomore year at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University in 2018. After needing some extra money, styling her friends for different occasions and people coming to her for fashion advice, she decided to start being a personal stylist for people on campus and the community.

The most rewarding part for her is seeing them in the outfits she picked out for them and loving it! In the future, she desires to become more consistent, get more clients and rebrand in a new state.

Her advice to anyone who wants to start their own business is to just start and not hesitate because you lack something or are afraid to fail. Everything will fall in place once you get started.

To book her to get you looking amazing for an event, you can book on her website http://www.KrysStylez.co or follow her on Instagram to look at her work @TheKrysStylez.

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