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The Dutch capital, Amsterdam, is home to several cat-themed attractions and is an ideal destination for anyone who loves the company of a feline friend. Here, you’ll find the only aquatic cat shelter in the world, as well as a distinctive café where you can get cosy with a cuddly cat whilst you enjoy a coffee or a bite to eat. Read on to find out more!


After arriving in Amsterdam following your Schiphol airport transfer, Katten Kabinet is a great place to start your adventure. Here, you’ll discover an enormous collection of feline artworks by such famous and iconic names as Pablo Picasso and Rembrandt.

It’s not just paintings and sketches though – a number of the owner’s feline friends are sure to be wandering around, so you’ll be able to meet them whilst enjoying your visit.

De Poezenboot

Having looked after abandoned and stray cats since the 1960s, De Poezenboot is a shelter with a difference. It’s waterborne, and whilst most of the cats on this floating sanctuary live there permanently, you can ‘adopt’ one of them by donating to De Poezenboot.

Cats & Things

Another stop on your tour of Amsterdam’s finest cat-themed attractions should definitely be Cats & Things. Here, you’ll discover a wealth of different feline products to purchase, including care products, toys and treats.

If you’re on the lookout for some collectors’ items, the look no further. Cats & Things is home to a great selection of art prints, jewellery and other items which would make a great gift for any cat-loving friends!


Having started out three years ago, Cinemeow began Europe’s very first feline-themed film festival in Amsterdam. They show a selection of movies related to the cat world and have now started organising other events in cities across the Netherlands - be sure to check out any films they have coming up!

How to Get There

The best way to reach all of these wonderful attractions in Amsterdam is by taking a flight into Schiphol airport, and from there pre-booking yourself a Schiphol airport transfer to take you directly to your accommodation and to your new furry friends!

A Schiphol airport transfer is the most cost-effective and convenient way to reach your accommodation, with a friendly and professional driver on hand to take you from door to door without any hassle.

Amsterdam is an excellent destination to choose if you’re a cat lover. From Katten Kabinet to the Cinemeow Film Festival, there’s so much on offer in the Dutch capital for those of you who love spending time with felines. Wherever you decide to start your exploration, you’re sure to have the holiday of a lifetime visiting all these great attractions!

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