Spring Break: Grand Canyon National Park

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Grand Canyon National Park 1-day Rafting Travels for Spring Break

 By: Lea Fallon

Do something cool this Springtime getaway! Try a Grand Canyon National Park float trip. These adventures take you on an fascinating float down the Colorado River past many of the Canyon's best scenery. Get more info. See this article.

Arizona Tours

All tours of the South Rim take off from the airport in Tusayan, Arizona, which is near the main gates of the National Park. You can book a basic tour or upgrade to the deluxe version.

The basic tours include a two and a half hour bus ride, which will take you right to the bottom of the Glen Canyon Dam. The bus ride on its own is quite scenic, but the real adventure will start when you transfer to the pontoon raft, this is where your float tour begins. For 15 miles, you will travel down the beautiful river, ending up at Lee's Ferry.

The Deluxe Tours

After your river tour, you'll get back on your air conditioned sightseeing bus and complete the land portion of your adventure. En route back to the South Rim on the bus you'll make a welcome and interesting stop at the Cameron Trading Post, home to some of the most remarkable native american crafts in the region.

Now if you want something different and a little bit more 'VIP', then make sure you book a deluxe tour. Rather than driving up to 2.5 hours by bus to get to Glen Canyon Dam, the airplane in the deluxe package gets you there in 60 minutes over some of the most incredible scenery in the west. The flight takes around 60 minutes and allows you to catch some views that simply aren't possible on the ground.

In addition, the deluxe package includes a Jeep 4x4 tour to the slot canyons prior to jumping aboard the pontoon raft. With 8 other passengers, you will see the Slot Canyons, as well as Horseshoe Bend. It allows for some extra adventure so if you can afford the additional fee for a deluxe ticket, it is highly recommended.

The River Tour

The deluxe and basic tours all take you to the same river experience. Seriously, these river rafting trips are an experience you don't want to miss. The water in this portion of the Colorado River is smooth, so you can focus on the scenery and not have to worry about your safety. There are also numerous stop off points where you can land at rocky beaches and take in the full beauty of the Grand Canyon. Float tours are the perfect outdoor option for groups, families and seniors because there's not white water rapids to contend with.

However, these tours are very popular, and they fill up quickly, especially during Spring Break. Therefore, you want to book your tour in advance, and the easiest way to do that is online. My rule of thumb is to buy your tour about 2 weeks prior to doing it or right after you get your hotel room settled. When you pay online with your credit card, your tickets will be guaranteed, and you will also enjoy the lowest possible rates.

Wrapping Up

Make this Spring Break an exciting one by taking a tour of the Grand Canyon that includes a raft ride along the Colorado River. Personally, I like the deluxe version of the trip since the plane gets you quicker to the river and you get more time floating down the Colorado. However, the basic tour is great too and they both offer the same river experience. Either way you are going to have an awesome adventure that is completely unique to the Grand Canyon. Don't forget to buy your tour as soon as you can so you won't lose out on the chance to have a day of fun!

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