Sandra Ammerlaan Stands on the Frontline: International Women’s Day on March 8th, 2023

Together, we fight for the resilience of women and work together towards a brighter future. Join us to help those in need and show your support with POW/HER.

Exposure Magazine Publisher, Ms. Lawrence

Exposure Magazine Publisher, Ms. Lawrence

From human trafficking to reclaiming her own power, Tam Lawrence, founder of POW/HER, has transformed her struggles into a globally recognized campaign to give hope and strength to women around the world. Join us on March 8th, 2023 is the incredible Sandra Ammerlaan


Sandra Ammerlaan, is an International multi award winning entrepreneur, International speaker, NLP Master Practitioner, #1 Worldwide bestselling co-author, comedian and the happiness accelerator.


Growing up going through adversity as bullying, humiliation, various heartache, living with a narcissist, severe depression, being suicidal, mental abuse, miscarriage, assault, I learned my whole life was about living on other people’s conditions and terms, being very unhappy.


To find my own happiness I took a journey of transformation and self-development to discover how I can live a fulfilling life. This brought me straight to my purpose in life.


I want to be the person I needed a few years earlier but could not find. 


“Make the shit from your past the fertilizer of your future”.


So I started to take the steps and now I inspire, guide and help women how to grab their “Sh*t”, and turn it around, so they can accept it, laugh at it and let go of the control it had over them. So they can become who they really want to be.


“Life is about kicking ass, not kissing it”.


I launched my concept “Laugh at shit” June 2021. And the rest of the year picked up momentum. I wrote a chapter in the Worldwide Amazon No 1 bestselling book “Time to Reign”, got nominated for 5 International Awards, was shortlisted for two and brought home “Best Supporter of the year award”.

2022 was a very challenging year with a lot of adversity, still I managed to play my own 90 minute cabaret show, get nominated for 6 International awards, shortlisted for 2 and received “Speaker of the year award”. 


In every situation are always 3 things:

  1. Something to be grateful for
  2. Something to learn
  3. Something to laugh about.

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