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San Antonio Zoo adding more dates to buzz worthy ‘drive-thru’ experience after selling out

By Madalyn Mendoza, mySanAntonio.com Updated 12:20 pm CDT, Thursday, April 30, 2020

Tickets to the drive-thru San Antonio Zoo experience sold out in two hours after receiving an overwhelming amount of interest, but now there’s more opportunities to take advantage of the rare event.

The zoo announced a drive-thru alternative to see the animals Thursday afternoon after being shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic. Originally, the drive-thru was planned for only this weekend, but has been extended through May 17. The additional dates will come at a higher price. Starting May 4, guests who are not annual pass holders or members will pay $60 per car. The price for the extended dates is $20 more than the opening weekend event, which is $40 per car.

chimpanzee holding mirror

Annual pass holders and monthly members will continue to pay $32 per car.

The zoo has not been able to reopen as usual yet. Proceeds generated from the drive-thru zoo tickets will go directly to the care of the animals during the closure, according to a news release.

The drive-thru tour will include a guided educational audio tour and curbside food and beverage options, the zoo said online.

There are some vehicle size limitations in place to ensure cars can journey through the zoo safely. The zoo says cars as big as the approximate size of a Chevy Tahoe should fit. Exact specifications are 198 inches long, 78 inches wide and 76 inches high.

Tickets can be purchased here.

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