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Re-Thinking Essential Lifestyles

I woke up this morning as I prepare to journey out and find the best location for empty nesters; like myself I researched innovative housing and I found out about these 3D homes that are sustainable.

Because I’m single with no children or extended family members, I’m thinking a TINY HOME would be perfect for me – after all I’m on 5’0ft just a little taller than a hobbit.

I was speaking to my girlfriend, I finally told her I am going to be moving soon. Shocked I was going on the road for the 3rd time in the past 7yrs – very concerned she said, “Tam, when will you stop moving?” I respond, “I enjoy the journey and never pay attention to the destination.”

Many people before COVID-19 planned every aspect of their lives such as

  • What will have for dinner tomorrow?
  • What will I wear to work tomorrow?
  • I’ll take a trip to _________________ in _________.
  • I will do this or do that ___________________.

COVID-19 startled planners, organizers, schedulers, and complacent lifestyle-ers – people who lived on convenience and consistency; literally fail into an unknown realm called “Unorthodox” lock down living.

But now it’s funny, my friends don’t laugh at me because I’ve lived off-the-norm for years. Exploring new environments and cultures adds value to living a more filled life- I’ve lived in Milwaukee, Chicago, Dallas, Charlotte, Atlanta, and Kona, Hawaii each location exposed me to NEW ways to live.

We’ll visit this subject as I continue to pack and move out to a NEW state, I will share my journey with you.

Moving Journey with @TamLawrence #Exposure7thCelebration

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