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We’re excited you’ve accepted an invite to be a guest on the show. As we prepare our audience for your appearance our graphic’s department will need some additional marketing materials.

Play Video

click the checkmark below to upload your video

Post Production

Hello, I am Cedric Nettles, Production Manager for Exposure Live Stream. Let’s get you set to stream live. You will need Google Chrome web browser to access the LIVE STREAM software.


Exposure Live Stream series is LIVE in real time, so there’s no way for us to edit on-the-spot. Therefore, it’s important to have proper lighting and a inviting background to keep our viewing audience attention.

24-Hours to Showtime

Let’s do one more check. 

  • Check your email for the link to the show
  • Save the link in a safe place
  • Great Lighting 
  • Background Decor
  • Sound Check 
  • Arrive on set at least 5-10 min prior to your schedule taping.

Contact Cedric with any questions nettles@rlassc.com

Guest Post-Production Confirmation

we appreciate your acceptance
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  • Exposure Streaming APP on ROKU
  • Exposure Streaming APP on Amazon Fire Stick


Yes, we love supportive guest(s) it truly helps us to continue doing what it is we love to do. 

On company letterhead if you can send us an email with details about your experience on the show.

Sharing the marketing materials and replay on your social media networks. Using the HashTag #ExposureLiveStream

Share your experience with our Facebook Fan Page members. Thank you so much for showing your support.

We provide brands with the following brand visibility:

  • Print Magazine 
  • Digital Magazine 
  • Streaming Commercials on Smart TV Devices reaching over 160+million households rates starts at $1 per second
  • Podcast Sponsor mentions 
  • Brand visibility on marketing materials  
  • Web banners on Exposure Mag’s website 
  • Logo placement on Live Streams 
  • Budget Matching: marketing plans every business has its own unique needs. Our team of experts will design a plan not exceeding your budget. Make an appointment below to speak with an expert today. 
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