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Parenting Tips: How to prevent your toddlers from choking?

Paula M Naranjo/Parent Editor

Choking is one of the biggest problems amongst babies and toddlers. So, how can you protect them from this? Here are some prevention tips to save your little one from choking.

Written By Deblina Chatterjee  Mumbai  Updated: July 10, 2020 02:14 PM  

Parenting Tips: How to prevent your toddlers from choking?

Parents mostly get paranoid when their babies become toddlers. This is the time when they start to crawl or walk and most importantly, they try to put everything in their mouth. This is one of the most important things and there are many risks associated with this as well. While eating solid foods or putting anything in the mouth, they may choke.

So, parents have to be careful always to prevent their little ones from choking. Babies tend to choke when their airway gets blocked and any kind of small things can cause this blockage on the wind-pipe which will lead to choking. So, here are some tips to prevent your kids from choking.Advertisement

Choking amongst toddlers and tips to prevent it:

Things that cause choking

These are the things that can cause choking amongst toddlers:


Meat pieces.


Raw carrots.

Uncooked peas.



Small batteries.Advertisement

Pen caps.


Certain parts of plastic toys.

Any small items.

Prevention tips for choking

These are things to take care of while feeding your baby:

1-   Make them sit while feeding. If your child is eating while lying down or playing or running around, then there are more risks for them to get choked.

2-   While eating, encourage them to chew the food properly. This will be easy for them to swallow it without getting choked.

3-   Keep food pieces small while feeding them and give them food in small portions.

4-   Apples, carrots, etc. can be hard for them to chew. So, cook them properly before feeding. You can also mash certain foods to make it easy for them to swallow.

5-   Start giving them whole nuts from the age of five. Grapes, lollies are also at higher risks for them for choking.

6-   You cannot keep a strict eye on your kids every time. Hence, you need to keep all kinds of small objects away from their reach.7-   If your toddler has older siblings, then tell them to keep their toys in a separate place so that toddlers cannot get them.

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