To protect the interest of the intellectual prosperities being exchanged, the reader / reviewer must agree to the terms and consideration of an enforceable non-compete agreement.

  1. The reader of this online form specifically agrees that for a period of 3 years after reviewing the provided content the reader will not engage, directly or indirectly, either as proprietor, stockholder, partner, officer, employee, or otherwise, in the same or similar activities as were performed by Aart & Kingsley LLC the powering entity of the online content being reviewed by the reviewer/reader for up to 3 years anywhere in the United States of America on-or-off line.
  2. For a period of 3 years after reviewing the content provided by any of the entities or company’s owned by Aart & Kinglsey LLC. The reader/reviewer of any online content presented by Exposure Magazine, Exposure Podcast Community, and/or Exposure Network TV will face up to $1,000,000 in legal claims and fees in the event of duplicating any of the content shared by the company and/or its members.

Reviewer/Reader of online content associated with Exposure Magazine, Exposure Podcast Community, and/or Exposure Network TV agrees that for 3 years after reading and/or reviewing the said (online content) associated with any of the mentioned media platforms, the reader and/or reviewer will not directly or indirectly solicit, agree to perform or perform services of any type that Aart & Kingsley LLC can render (“Services”) for any person or entity who paid or engaged Aart & Kingsley LLC for Services, or who received the benefit of Aart & Kingsley LLC Services, or with whom reader and/or reviewer had any substantial dealing while associated with Aart & Kingsley LLC and/or any of its associated entities.

The covenants of this Agreement shall be severable, and if any of them is held invalid because of its duration, scope of area or activity, or any other reason, the parties agree that such covenant shall be adjusted or modified by the court to the extent necessary to cure that invalidity, and the modified covenant shall thereafter be enforceable as if originally made in this Agreement. Reader / Reviewer agrees that the violation of any covenant contained in this Agreement may cause immediate and irreparable harm to Aart & Kingsley LLC and its media corps. the amount of which may be difficult or impossible to estimate or determine. If Reader / Reviewer violates any covenant contained in this Agreement, Aart & Kingsley LLC shall have the right to equitable relief by injunction or otherwise, in addition to all other rights and remedies afforded by law.

Issued by Aart & Kingsley LLC Legal Team [email protected]