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Robert W. Morrison, who is a native of Chicago and a former student at John Marshall High School, is being celebrated for composing a major international film, based on the factual events that led up to the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi. Morrison has been a person of prominence for decades, and his composing skills have landed him international recognition from film and music industries alike. To make it even more significant, the release date of the movie, fell on the anniversary of the murder of Gandhi.  Morrison states…

My role was a very important one, as I was able to bring an organic passion to it. Although most films having an inherit set of restrictions, I was still able to incorporate my own elements of style. This diversity allowed me to be that much more creative. As a time period piece, it was compelling with the right amount of action that served as the inspiration for me to step outside of my comfort zone.”

As an African American composer in a field made up of primarily white males, Morrison has set a high bar for himself and others who look up to him for guidance in the area of composition, arranging and music production. Not only did he work diligently for over a year to streamline the perfect score, he also fortified partnerships between production houses and team members from around the world to bring this movie the historical recognition that it deserves.  The buzz surrounding the Gandhi movie has traveled fast throughout multiple outlets, from the Boston Herald to the LA Times and more.

About the movie, The Gandhi Murder:The Gandhi Murder is based on the conspiracy theory surrounding Mahatma Gandhi. The movie demonstrates a violent India, at the backdrop of a non- violent Gandhi, and hard-line fanatic mind-sets beginning to grow roots in an India divided on the basis of religion. The story line consists of three police officers in different parts of India who are well aware that Gandhi’s life is under threat. They must make key decisions that would either save the Mahatma, or the country. The trailer for the movie can be seen here: The Gandhi Murder Trailer

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