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MUA’s using their platform for BLM

By: Angelica Owens

This past week has been stressful for the black community, as a video of George Floyd being murdered by a police officer was brought to light. Since then, many celebrities, including Makeup Artists (MUA) has been using their platform to speak on the Black Lives Matter movement.

Famous Beauty Guru and Youtuber, James Charles posted on his Instagram story this morning a word of advice for his followers. “If you’re protesting today, stay safe, please wear protective eyewear and clothing, and if you are white, your job is to use your privilege and be a protective shield for black people, not to incite violence! #blacklivesmatter” He used his platform to make a positive impact in the community, no matter if that meant he loses followers.

Kylie Jenner, Owner of Kylie Cosmetics and daughter of Kris and Caitlyn Jenner, spoke out about her feelings. She quoted a Dr. Martin Luther King Jr quote that said “There is a time when silence is betrayal.” Underneath the quote, she captioned about how she can’t personally relate to the pain and fear many black people have, but she does know no one should have to live in fear and no one deserves to die like George Floyd and many others did. She goes on to mention how scared she is of her daughter Stormi who she has by rapper, Travis Scott. Through her message, you can tell she is a concerned mother who only wants a better future for her daughter. To show her support further, she posted of picture of multiple ways to donate to Racial Justice Funds and where to donate to the Los Angeles Action Bail Fund on her Instagram story.

While there are many celebrities who are silent during these times, it is important to remember the ones who are using their voice to make a difference whether they are black or white. We thank you for using your power and influence to help a cause.

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