Visiting Miami #JITG19

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Miami greetings are up close and personal

Many folks in the 305 will greet you with a kiss on the cheek—not a handshake. It’s a Latin thing and can sometimes catch a gringo with personal space issues off guard. Just follow the other person’s lead and you’ll be fine.

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We’re a late-night city

Planning on going clubbing? Be warned: if you show up at one of Miami’s major nightclubs at 11pm, it might just be you and the bartenders. Many Miami clubs don’t get going till well after midnight. And in the 24-hour district, at clubs such as Space, headlining DJs often won’t go on until 3am.

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Our little coffees pack a big punch

Down in Little Havana—and everywhere in Miami, really—you’ll find Cuban coffee. But proceed with caution. Despite its adorable size, the cafecito packs a serious caffeine punch. One (or even half of one if you’re not a coffee-drinker) will do the trick.

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Stay off major roads during rush hour

This is an obvious one for locals, but it’s easy to forget when you’re on vacation. Rush hour during the Miami work week (particularly bad from 4pm to 7pm on major highways) is real, and it’s best to plan your commute around it.


The thing about Ocean Drive

Ocean Drive is great for its sights, people watching and beaches—but it’s probably best to eat and drink elsewhere. The popular strip’s dining establishments (especially in the South Beach area) tend to be high on price and low on quality.


Check before you tip

It is not rare for places in Miami—especially on Miami Beach—to include a 15 or 18 percent tip on your tab. Most ethical establishments will warn you as they hand you your check. But less ethical businesses will leave it up to you to double check you are not leaving a 40 percent tip.

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