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Chicago's mayor is very keen on the idea of building a new express train from O’Hare International Airport to downtown—which would be great for business travelers and no one else, really. Most of the actual Chicagoans we know are just happy that our regular Chicago Transit Authority El trains offer direct service to both of our airports: the Blue Line serving O’Hare and Orange Line for Midway International Airport. A $2.50 fare from Midway or $5 from O’Hare for regular service downtown in under an hour feels like a steal to us when we travel to other cities without such easy airport access.

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Get a three-day (or seven-day) CTA pass.


It’s not advisable to rent a car if you’re planning to spend all of your visit in the city. In the smartphone age, the CTA is easy enough to navigate even for newbies. Fares, though, can be a little harder to keep track of: You could load a dollar amount onto a Ventra card and then try to do the math every time you spend $2.50 on a train ride and $2.25 on a bus—or maybe that counted as a $0.25 transfer if it was within two hours of your last ride? Much easier to buy a three-day pass: $20 for unlimited rides for 72 hours will get you everywhere you want to go. If you’re staying longer, a seven-day pass on a new Ventra card will run you $33—totally worth it if you’re spending that much time here. All can be purchased from the Ventra vending kiosks at either airport and any El station.


If you do drive, download the ParkChicago app.

If you’re driving into the city and you want to use your car while you’re here, download ParkChicago ( to your phone for all your street parking needs. Create an account with your license plate number and link a credit card, and you’ll pay in the app using the zone number printed on signs like this one where paid street parking is available. Rates vary by neighborhood. (Many residential streets will be marked permit-only, while a blessed few unmarked streets are actually free to park on—check carefully for signage before you assume.)


While you’re at it, download all of these apps to help you get around.

Google Maps or Apple Maps will give you solid directions, and the Uber and Lyft apps can find you a ride at just about any address and any time of the day or night (most rideshare drivers work for both services, in our experience). Transit App is our favorite for real-time arrival projections for El trains and bus routes, and if you’re a nervous navigator, you can tell the app exactly where you’re going and it will give you a heads up when your stop is approaching. Check out more transportation apps we love here.


Skip the chains and stay in one of these local hotels…

You can stay in a Hyatt or a Hilton anywhere you go. When you’re here, splurge instead on one of the best hotels in Chicago—unique digs like the Chicago Athletic Association or the Ace Hotel. Or look at the city’s best boutique hotels, gems like the Freehand, Hotel Lincoln or the Robey.


…or try an Airbnb, like one of these intriguing options.

Rent out an extravagant apartment or a homey condo for the duration of your stay—we’ve chosen some of the city’s most attractive options here.

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We don’t believe in calling it an early night.


We’ve heard scary stories about those towns where the sidewalks are rolled up at 9pm. Chicago’s not like that. True, it’s not always easy to find a late-night meal or drinks in the Loop—though that’s changing as downtown is becoming more residential. But most bars and clubs in the city, from neighborhood corner taverns to bumpin’ dance clubs, are open until 2am every night (3am on Saturdays). And when they close, the most dedicated partiers among us head to one of the more than 100 bars that are licensed to pour drinks until 4am (you guessed it, 5am on Saturdays). These are our favorite 4am bars. When they kick you out, soak up the booze with a meal at a 24-hour restaurant; soon enough, our favorite coffee shops will be open for the morning crowd.

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