Visiting Charlotte #NBAALLSTAR2019

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Bring Along with you:




Lounge Wear  

Getting Around

  • “Our metropolitan area is called Uptown, not Downtown.
  • “Prepare to do a lot of driving. Charlotte has a lot to offer but it’s so sprawled out that it’s difficult to get to everything. Pick up a Creative Loafing Paper first chance you have to get an idea of the goings on while you’re in the area.
  • “The 485 loop is referred to the ‘inner’ and ‘outer’ as well as directionally. Just remember that the “inner” loop is the one going clockwise and the ‘outer’ is counter clockwise and you should be set.
  • “Epicentre [the shopping mall] is very overrated unless you really want to party/club hard. If I were uptown I’d stick around the Latta Arcade area which is close to some cool spots.”
  • “Avoid Concord Mills like the black plague when it’s NASCAR season. That area gets overcrowded very quickly.”
  • “If you are flying in/out of town, be sure to return to the airport early enough to enjoy the rocking chairs on the concourse. The most comfortable airport I’ve ever had a layover in.”
  • “Be careful about street names changing several times, and at seemingly arbitrary points.”
  • “The light rail is your best transportation friend when visiting. Start down at New Bern Station to have direct access to Hyde Brewing, Suffolk Punch, Triple C Brewing, Lenny Boy Brewing, and Sycamore Brewing."

Where to Eat

  • “Soul Gastrolounge (fusion), Carpe Diem (upscale date spot), Midwood Smokehouse (BBQ), Kindred (if you can get to Davidson - constantly gets awards), Bonterra (more upscale, 300+ different kinds of wine), Niko Sushi (young hip sushi place) all great options. Beef and Bottle is a hole in the wall steakhouse that is incredible.”
  • “Go to Gastonia, and hit up Kyle Fletcher’s BBQ, Blacks BBQ, and get you a couple containers of RO’s to bring home with ya.”
  • “It’s not worth going to Charlotte if you don’t eat at BBQ King at least once. Bill Spoon’s is a distant second.”
  • “Price’s Chicken Coop (1614 Camden Road) is great fried chicken. Bring cash because they don’t take cards. Also check out Mr. K’s (2107 South Blvd.) for a great burger and milkshake.”
  • “There’s a great British pub called Big Ben just south of uptown that serves a real shepherd’s pie with lamb (just tell them no cheese).”
  • “The Shepherd’s pie at Tyber Creek, across the South from Big Ben, is way better, and also made with lamb.”
  • “Lupie’s Cafe is amazing. Go on Thursday for some chicken & dumplings or any other day of the week for a meat and three or some world-famous chili.”
  • “Go to Seoul Food! Korean inspired BBQ—not Korean BBQ. If you want Korean BBQ, go to their new restaurant next door, Let’s Meat. All you can eat Korean BBQ.”
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