Marvel Studios’ Eternals | Official Teaser

♫ [“The End of the World” performed by Skeeter Davis] ♫ ♫ Why does the sun go on shining? ♫ ♫ Why does the sea rush to shore? ♫ ♫ Don’t they know it’s the end of the world? ♫ [Distant rumbling] ♫ ‘Cause you don’t love me anymore ♫ SERSI It’s beautiful. Isn’t it?

[Music echoing] ♪♪ AJAK We have watched…..

and guided. We have helped them progress, and seen them….

.accomplish wonders. ♪♪ AJAK Throughout the years, we have never interfered. Until now. ♪♪ ♫ It ended when you said goodbye ♫ IKARIS Thank you for this.

GILGAMESH Oh, you’re welcome. SPRITE So now that Captain Rogers and Iron Man are both gone, who do you think’s gonna lead the Avengers? IKARIS I could lead them. [Laughing].

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