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Lessons from a Superwoman: A Mother’s Day Awakening



I wrote an article detailing an interview I had with my mother.  It is in Exposure Magazine’s Mother’s Day Edition in print.  Please get a copy to read the full interview and learn from a real superwoman, my mother.

My mother was and is a superhero to me because I have watched her leap over tall buildings, build bridges across deep seas and confront obstacles without losing her dignity or her mind.  I watched her build kingdoms of children and empower women and men, whose success she would not directly benefit from.  She did it because she had the power to do so.

I have seen her clean up messes of other’s lives and be a safe haven for the homeless, the motherless, the confused and the weak.  I have watched her allow many folks to stay in the comforts of her home, long enough to heal themselves and live off her strength until they were able to fly again on their own.  Sometimes never receiving a thank you or acknowledging the burden she bared on their behalf.

I watched her pull greatness out of the downtrodden, the forgotten and the unloved.  I watched her pour love into the hearts of those that desired it the most, even when they did not know how to receive it.  Somehow, every day, she would still have more to give.  I watched her help others discover their own super powers and master their gifts.  Many not even aware they had gifts, value or importance until her eyes saw, her mouth spoke a word and her persistence pulled it out.

I was raised by a superwoman, that confessed she did not know all but did her best to know enough in raising her children.  “It is not important to know everything, but trust that everything will be alright.  You only have to try.  Keep working on being a mother and love when you don’t know what else to do.  No one knows it all, but anyone can choose love”.

I realize that her efforts assisted my siblings and I in discovering that we too had a mark of greatness across our chest.  We too had a cape on our backs that, with her guidance, we could use to fly to the moon and beyond.  We could use it to fly toward doors of success, fly over our own obstacles of life’s happenings right into the perfect place of purpose.

In talking with my mother, who was also a teacher for almost 40 years, a leader in her church and a youth pastor, I learned something that broke my heart.  She stated that in her many roles working with children, she has come across children that have never been loved and “been down so long, they don’t know what up looks like”. This, sadly, is more of a norm that we care to admit.

She shared with me stories of children telling her, as tears rolled down their faces, “No one loves me!”.  Kids that tell stories of their abandonment, their abuse, and neglect while they lay in her arms, deal with their pain and the emptiness that cause them to scream out and sometimes act out.  Things she stated that “would make your soul shudder and your spirit cry” children are experiencing every day.  Love is far from their experience.

She explained that she understood in meeting these children day after day, year after year, she was more than just a leader, a teacher or professional, she had to be mothering to all she came in contact.  She had to feed the heart and soul before teaching or asking anything of the child.  She had to love a child, not direct a child.  She had to love a child, not just feed a child.  She had to love a child, not just grade a child.  In all things and in all positions, she had to be love manifested in the moment before she could take a position in the child’s life.

As she speaks, I hear her mantra, “you have to love a child to teach and reach a child”.  Too many are in positions working with and being guardians of children that they have not first loved. This love, I understood was her superpower.  This love made her invincible, allowed her to see beyond the circumstances and behaviors of children into their souls and allowed her to shine brighter than any star in the eyes of so many.  Her love healed.  Her love conquered.  Her love destroyed strongholds and pain.  Her love opened blind eyes and gave rest to the weary.

She, in my eyes, is the manifestation of the Christ consciousness, the enlightenment we all seek.  As my mother speaks, I become more aware of my own purpose.  We are not only the one we are looking for, but it is we that are the lights that show other souls the way.  We are to be the love, to be the hand and the voice in the wilderness.  We are not showing anyone the way or the light, we are the way and the light.  It is we that can save and change lives with the superpower of love.  We have the ability of sight into another’s soul.  We can choose to see their worth and do greater things than those that have come before us.  I realized none of us has a limitation, except in the limits of our love, for self and others.  To be a mother is to be love.  To be a superwoman is to be love.

Here are 20 lessons from a superwoman that I will share from my article:

  1. Love a child, even if they are not your own.
  2. Use positive words. Never use your words to kill, hurt or destroy a child.
  3. You have the power of life and death in your tongue, be careful how you use that power.
  4. Call your children endearing names. Let the sweet words mold who they are, do not call them out of their names or natures of positivity.
  5. You can catch a lot of flies, with a little bit of honey. Be kind and gentle with fragile developing souls.
  6. Raise your children. “Raise a child in the way they should go, even if they stray, they shall return”.
  7. If you do not raise your children, they can not come back to a place you did not establish. That will be your legacy.
  8. Parenting is the hardest job you will ever have, but the only one you are guaranteed a legacy that impacts the world.
  9. More is caught than taught, be the example.
  10. Instill the love of God, the works of his grace and mercy in your children so they too can pass it on to their children and grandchildren.
  11. Instill a trust in God so your children can rest in the assurance that all things will work for their good.
  12. Spend quality time with your children. Share stories of who you are and where you come from. Use a family tree.  Start one if you do not have one.
  13. Establish a culture and history for your children as a foundation to build upon.
  14. Turn off electronic babysitters and talk with your children.
  15. Let your children tell stories to you and encourage dialogue.
  16. Find out what is important to your children and embrace those things.
  17. Always say I love you. Say it even if it does not feel right. Say it until if feels right.  Say it every time you can.
  18. Children should not be able to make serious decisions, be a parent and establish rules and guidelines. Help your children make decisions and understand consequences.  Their brains are not developed enough to do the things we are allowing them to do and see.  Be their protection.
  19. We give too much freedom, no responsibility and no accountability to our children. Parents take the reins.  Be responsible and accountable and then make your children responsible and accountable.
  20. Establish support systems that help feed their souls and develop their minds. It takes a village to help mold the mind, body, and spirit of children. Choose wisely in this effort.


There was so much knowledge in what my mother shared, you have to read the article in Exposure Magazine’s Mother’s Day Edition to get the entire interview in her words.  In the meantime, let this message be an inspiration to you as you recognize the superwomen in your life and master becoming one yourself. Remember, a mother knows her worth and power.  She should use it wherever it is needed, with intention.  Love is a mother’s superpower.

Happy Mother’s Day love!




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