Jada picks’it: women like jada destroy our sons

As a mother, I can’t stand by and watch without responding to the death of our sons. By entertaining abusive women, our sons’ character and esteem are dragged so low. The women like Jada fuel toxic energy and call dishonestly for help from the world, so I’d encourage WILL to run now “GET OUT.”

Another attempt by Jada to make the world feel sorry for her is the loss of her hair. As a society, we should be sorry for dragging another son publicly and spiritually across America’s stage with this marriage. The selfish person does not care about Will, nor does she care about what the world does to him. She seeks to defeat him before he leaves, and her little-minded attempts to do so began well before the Oscars.

This girl has convinced Will that he is sick when she is the one who is sick as hell. I cannot see why anyone would support her as she is a narcissist and sleeps with children, both of which make her a pedhile. We would say it is abuse if a man did this to a woman, but the same should apply to a woman who does this to a man. There is something seriously wrong with Jada in this relationship and she needs serious help. Keeping the red table out of the house should remain BLACKOUT for “Mothers of Son.” You have a son fighting, and running across women such as Jada leads to him choosing the wrong woman to marry. 

For mothers of sons it’s the worst thing in the world to see a woman destroy your child. Will does not deserve to be in such a toxic relationship.

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