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The last two weeks have been a trying time for me. Following the death of George Floyd, I was numb for days. I could not feel yet I was upset. About a week later, the dam completely burst for me. It led to a pouring out of emotions mixed with truth in several areas of my life. The fact is I had to rethink my approach to established relationships and connections.  I am aware of my blackness daily yet my blackness became more tender and palpable than I have ever felt it before. 

“Radical self-care” was a term that I had only heard just weeks before and, now, I know why. I would have to apply it for myself.  It was a GirlTrek interview with Angela Davis and Nikki Giovanni and T. Morgan Dixon asked Angela Davis about the practice of radical self-care. I researched this expression and found that Audre Lorde coined this phrase. Here is the full quote:

“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.”

–Audre Lorde

I thought this message hit home when I found it but, after the events, on May 25, there was a whole new meaning for me. I am black. I am a woman. The intersection of these two identities hit home too. (Check out my podcast episode on intersectionality.)  Knowing that, inherently, there is a double bias, how do I take care of myself? I still have to show up as a Life Coach, a support to others. I still have to make positive impact in the lives of others, how do I do this? The answer is to implement this practice of self care on a radical level.  

I am working this out daily but here is what I have thus far…

  1. Speak my Truth: I did another post about this and since then I have had to up level my role as a Purveyor of Truth (Listen to my speech as a Purveyor of Truth).
  2. Commit to Your Empowerment: Figure out how you need to get your fuel at this time. Is it a 21 day meditation with a group? Possibly a book? Maybe even intentional meetings with other like minded people to build each other up.
  3. Sweat it out: The visual effects of exercise on our bodies may be obvious however the effects on the inside are that endorphins are released in your body and this makes you feel good and it also keeps you focused and alert. For me, this helps.

So, in this time of great shifting for many of us, Black Leading Ladies, how will you practice “Radical Self-Care”?

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Life Coach Vuyanzi
Life Coach Vuyanzi

Vuyanzi’s greatest teacher has been faith.  Her passion in life is to help Black Leading Ladies over 40 to discover their greatness after a shift in normalcy. Vuyanzi is a Certified Life, Career, Executive Coach. She is the host of the Black Leading Ladies on Purpose podcast. Vuyanzi is the co-author of 4 books being released this year and is working on her own for release in August.

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