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How to celebrate LGBT Pride month at home

By: Angelica Owens

June is Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transexual Pride month! Typically, the world would be getting ready for the many Pride parades in different cities, but due to Coronavirus, they are either cancelled or postponed to a later date. However, that is no excuse to not show your pride during this month! Here are some ways to still celebrate it while being at home.

  1. Honor the LGBT who paved the way

Marsha P. Johnson and those before us have helped pave the way for many of the LGBT youth. The Stonewall riots were riots where nine police officers came into the stonewall inn, which served LGBT in Greenwich village in New York City. They arrested some employees, roughed up many of the patrons, and arrested anyone who was not wearing at least three articles of gender-appropriate clothing. It is because of them that the LGBT community can live more free today. Remembering their legacy and their impact is important.

2. Decorate your house in rainbows

The rainbow is the color of the gay flag so just decorating your house with rainbows will make you feel as though you are still celebrating your pride throughout this month. The more color, the more vibrant your month will be!

3. Dress up in your favorite pride apparel 

Since there will not be a physical pride parade this month, the best thing you can do is still dress up in your favorite pride apparel. Bring out the rainbow flags, the rainbow stickers, girl on girl shirts or shorts. Everything pride related this month! This month is about being proud of you are, so do just that.

4. Share coming out stories  

Coming out is just the beginning of your Journey. Everyone’s experience with this is not bad, but if it is, talking about how you overcame challenges to get to where you are now, is very important. Sharing stories can help people see how they grew in a positive way since they came out. Coming out stories can help you learn more about everyone’s journey to acceptance and self love which is what we want to see.

5. Watch a LGBT movie 

Whether it’s “moonlight”, “Blue is the warmest color”, or “Simon”, find a good movie either focused around LGBT people or that has at least one LGBT person in it. Watching a positive movie centered around the community can help you live out your life even more proud which is what this month is all about. Being unapologetically yourself all year long, but a little extra this month.

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