Hollywood Mourns The Death Of Actor Kristoff St. John

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Kristoff St. John

The Young And The Restless Star has been found dead of unknown causes at 52. Kristoff announced his engagement last year and was planning a wedding with his fiancé Mikhaleva, who is naturally distraught over the death of the love of her life. Kristoff was a handsome, intelligent, and gifted actor who had contributed to the Entertainment Community for decades.

Although Kristoff saw many moments of joy in his lifetime, he also felt tremendous moments of pain. Back in 2014, his 24 year old son Julian, committed suicide at the mental health facility he was in. Over the years, Kristoff and his ex-wife had been struggling to come to terms about Julian’s death, as so many questions were left unanswered. Kristoff leaves behind his two children, Lola and Paris. Let us all keep this family in our thoughts as we remember Kristoff St. John, may they find answers soon.


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