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The Home Shopping Club television series for retailers is revolutionizing the way people shop. We’re giving brands an opportunity to sell their products on television, no matter their size or eligibility for other shopping shows. Now customers can purchase from home or anywhere in the world with our user-friendly television app that is compatible with all smart TVs and mobile devices. Our mission is to provide a platform for small businesses, independent brands, and vendors to reach new audiences and grow their customer base. We want to make it easier for entrepreneurs, investors, and hosts to be part of this exciting new movement in retail. Join us in creating a more accessible, convenient, and enjoyable shopping experience today!


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Are you a small business struggling to make it in the ever-competitive marketplace? Do you want to get your products seen by millions of people and advertised on national television? The Exposure Television Network is here to help.

Created by Seattle entrepreneurs Roberta and Chris Holmes, the Exposure TV Network offers start-ups and small businesses the chance to gain exposure by showcasing their products on TV. This unique platform provides a great opportunity for brands of all sizes to connect with potential customers and increase their brand awareness.


At Exposure TV Network, we offer both in-person and mail-in product selection options. Our team will work with you to create a customized experience that fits the needs of your product, allowing you to reach more customers than ever before. We understand that every business is different, which is why we offer tailored solutions to fit each budget, brand, product, and goal.

Make your products heard through the power of television. Visit our website today at to learn more about how Exposure TV Network can help your business grow. Don’t wait – take this momentous opportunity and join us in revolutionizing the world of television advertising. The future starts now!


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