At the root of healthy-looking hair is a happy scalp. Here’s why.

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You’ve got your hair care ritual DOWN, and your skincare regime has been the same multi-step process since your sister pointed out your potential for crow’s feet. You’re over here thinking you have everything taken care of. We’re here to burst your bubble: If you want to grow long, luminous hair, you’ll need a scalp routine. We’d get into the basics of tending to soil in order to grow healthy plants, but, girlfriend, you and I both know that neither of these manicured thumbs is green. Let’s dive into the actual science behind scalp health to get you grounded. There is no time to waste.

Never desert a dry scalp

On one end of the spectrum is a dry and itchy scalp that can fuel your insecurities ‘til kingdom come. You know you have a problem when head-scratching feels more euphoric than a foot massage, and you leave a trail of not-so-magical fairy dust in your wake (nope, it’s just dead skin). If you’ve got dandruff coming off of a flaky scalp, eucalyptus is known to increase ceramide levels to boost the antimicrobial barrier and keep your scalp’s microbiome in check. (It’s kinda like how probiotics can prevent bad bacteria and yeast from growing out of control and wrecking your gut’s otherwise harmonious state). Other ingredients like hydrating shea butter and argan oil will tackle any moisture issues, and purifying tea tree oil knows just how to stimulate and cleanse your thirsty hair follicles.

Clean up the oil spill

On the other end is an oily scalp, which typically leads to greasy, waxy hair. You’re inclined to shampoo more to keep the oil under control, but trust us, it ain’t good in the long run. Overshampooing can strip good oils and lead to dry locks. Also, turns out, excessive spritzes of dry shampoo can actually clog your follicles and stunt the growth of hair, without getting rid of the dreaded flakes and itchiness. For all you oily scalps, make sure individual hair follicles don’t get blocked with a buildup of dirt and sebum, the natural oils produced by the sebaceous gland. Exfoliation is key, and some purifying ginger root oil is a sure-fire way to purify and soothe.

Stay balanced like an Olympic gymnast

And for those who believe their scalps are balanced for the most part (ugh, okay, take five minutes to brag) there’s always an opportunity to enhance your hair growth. You’ll want to prevent follicle damage from the most common culprits. Sun and pollution can do a number on your scalp, causing thinning of the skin, which causes harm to the follicle and hair shaft. So rock that fedora, fascinator, or turban whenever you can for a physical barrier that blocks those sun rays. And when that isn’t practical, some extra love in the form of exfoliation and rebalancing is in order. 

Raise the (scalp) bar

At the end of the day, whatever the condition of your scalp, maintaining balance should always be pinned to the top of your vision board. So let’s see…what dream-come-true of a product has eucalyptus, gentle all-natural exfoliators, tree tree oil, and argan oil? What combines every step of scalp health in one convenient treatment? OH YEAH, we just launched that. Click here.

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