Gather Your Loyal Audience: Localize Content To Establish Reliable Consumer Base

Content That Connects.

How to Effectively Distribute Your Content Across All Smart Devices?

Are you a business struggling to create and distribute content that gains traction with your target audience? We’ve done the research, and the answer is simple: localization. Localizing content ensures that what you post resonates with the people you want to reach, creating a strong connection with them. But without the right channels for distribution, none of this matters. That’s why our public relations firm recommends creating content distribution channels, like a signature television show, utilizing social media to help redirect and capture an engaged audience.
The problem is that too many businesses and professionals are spending thousands as novelty shoppers – relaying messages to people who will never use their products or services in the long run. Instead, focus on gathering loyal consumers who truly value your product or service – they’re the ones who will bring you real success. How much easier would it be to operate your business if 77% of your customers were loyal consumers instead of 21% novelty shoppers? Our distribution network, Exposure Plus TV is designed to provide you with a turnkey solution – isn’t it time you start building relationships with engaged customers who will stick around.


Major Option for Brands Looking to Scale 

Amazing consumer growth building experience awaits you with Exposure Plus TV! Our app is the latest and greatest streaming platform that offers plenty of content to keep viewers entertained. From blockbuster films, to classic shows, and even exclusive pay-per-view options, there’s something for everyone. With our custom monetization features and subscription service, you can generate additional revenue by placing a pay-to-view option on your TV episodes. Our advanced notification capabilities ensure viewers get notified when something new is released. GEO targeted alerts connect viewers to your channel or television show who are interested in the type of content you are promoting.

MEMO tvSeries

Are you looking for an effective way to promote your product or service? Then consider exposing your brand on Memo tvSeries! Our professionally-produced show provides experts with an opportunity to demonstrate the importance and value of their products or services. With our high quality, creditable platform, viewers will have a greater understanding of what you offer and the benefits it provides. Forget about influencers that lack the qualifications; let Memo tvSeries be the ideal media channel for you to showcase what makes your product or service unique. Let us help you reach target audiences and make them aware of why they can’t live without your product or service. Contact us today to get started!


Coach Channel 

Ready to take your coaching business to the next level? Look no further than Coach Channel. Here, certified coaches from around the world can showcase their knowledge and expertise, demonstrate their approach to problem-solving, and share inspiring interviews on how they’ve implemented successful solutions in their areas of expertise. As a coach, you know that success begins with knowledge and an open mind. Through this groundbreaking platform, you will access unparalleled education, inform viewers of your services and expand your business contacts–all in one weekly episode! With Coach Channel, certified coaches have a surefire solution for growing their clientele, increasing awareness and validating their skills. Explore new opportunities and discover limitless potential—tune into Coach Channel today!


About the Network 

With Exposure Plus TV, you can reach an unparalleled audience of 440+ million smart device users in 128 countries! With our 3.0 generation app we can provide you with an effective platform for your content. Content creators and film producers can now access the vast array of our subscribers through our distribution services. Our unique service offers a comprehensive platform that includes content monetization features, subscription options, and pay-per-view. Experience the sleek design, user friendly navigation, and cutting edge technology that comes with Exposure Plus TV. Join today and take advantage of all the benefits we offer!


Why waste time and money when we’ve discovered an affordable solution?
Are you having trouble keeping up with the demand for content creation? Are your social media followers not converting into customers? You’re not alone. Public relations firms across the country are urging their clients to generate content distribution channels to capture an audience—however, learning how to do that successfully can be expensive. That’s why you need the Perfect Content Creation solution! Our system allows you to easily localize content and build a dedicated, loyal customer base. With our savvy approach, you can reach more people with your message and ensure they become serious, motivated consumers—not just novelty shoppers.  Stop wasting time and money trying to figure out this complex landscape and get ahead of the curve with the Perfect Content Creation solution today.

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