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Cedric Nettles /Entertainment Editor I took my god children to see this film…I expected plenty of laughs, themes of friendship, and life lessons. The film had that, and some other stuff…I distinctively remember that cringe worthy scene. Thankfully their parents and grand parents keep them grounded and I come along as the added addition to

Cedric Nettles/ Entertainment EditorInteresting take on the billion dollar grossing Black Panther movie.Of course my mantra is everyone is entitled to their opinion, but c’mon. I respect his talent , I respect his expertise, but Black Panther lived up to its billing as a groundbreaking masterpiece. Well such as life…Let me know what you think

Cedric Nettles/Entertainment Editor Spike Lee and Jordan Peele collaboration tells the incredible true story about a courageous African-American police officer who infiltrated the KKK. A thunderous standing ovation followed after it premiered at the Cannes Film Festival. Here is the official trailer.The film stars Denzel Washington’s son John David Washington, Adam Driver and Topher Grace.    

New York Times Margaret Ruth Kidder was born on Oct. 17, 1948, in Yellowknife, in the Northwest Territories of Canada. Her mother, Margaret, was a teacher, and her father, Kendall, was an explosives expert whose job entailed taking the family to whatever remote place ore had been discovered. “I read books,” she told The Montana

  Childish Gambino’s Donald Glover has his shocking and ingenious message killing it at 91 MILLION  views on You Tube and counting. I remembered watching a clip for the first time on Instagram at about the 2.00 min mark. I was like wow, the dancing is hot but seems a bit satirical and exaggerated. Then