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Cedric Nettles/Entertainment Editor Artist Adesina Sanchez is an NYC native, specializing in figurative imagery which brings light to social issues and uplifts her audience. Adesina is also an established television and media personality, with almost a decade of experience, appearing under her stage and nickname, Desi Sanchez. As a broadcaster, Desi became most well-known as

Cedric Nettles/Entertainment Editor Speak Live Nation I had the priviledge of having two very talented ladies on Speak Live Nation, Grammy nominated R&B sensation Syleena Johnson and Producer/Director Tangie Black Moore spoke with me about their new film that began airing on BET ‘Couple’s Therapy’. Speak Live Nation w Cedric Nettles -Syleena Johnson & Tangie

Cedric Nettles/Entertainment Editor Mo’Nique releases recordings of her conversation with film mogul Tyler Perry. Mo’Nique has been fearless about challenging Hollywood’s treatment of black entertainers. Here is another chapter that will be sure to be in a lot of conversations. Here is a excerpt of the audio.    

Cedric Nettles/Entertainment Editor Ok you out in public doing you at a social event and it happens. Someone says you owe them 2 million dollars. From the look of this conversation this wasn’t monopoly money. Dash was not playing. Hearing “Reach Out And Touch Somebody’s Hand” playing in the background is surreal. Nonetheless The Source

Cedric Nettles/Entertainment Editor From Black Panther’s Erik Killmonger to Adonis Johnson son of Apollo Creed in Creed 2. Jordan has been on a roll and it continues in this very intriguing spin-off of the Rocky film franchise. Here is the official trailer.

  Cedric Nettles/Entertainment Editor Tiffany Haddish dazzled as the opener for this year’s MTV Movie and TV Awards. She is apart of Tyler Perry’s latest installment “Nobody’s Fool.” PLOT: A woman who gets released from prison and reunites with her sister, who discovers she is in an online relationship with a man that may be

  Cedric Nettles/ Entertainment Editor JBSTAR PRODUCTIONS just dropped their first teaser. JB Brown stars in this action packed film and was gracious enough to ask me to collaborate on board as Associate Producer. I also play disgruntled scientist Timothy Jabrolther. Someone’s targeting our celebrities! How do you prove that you didn’t commit a crime

Messengers Among Us

This week I have been amazed at the world around me. I am continually working toward self-actualization.  On this quest, I seek to manifest clarity of my beliefs for my well-being.  My work is to constantly detach from the world around me to find truth among the noise and chaos that consumes our lives and

  Cedric Nettles/Entertainment Editor Hollywood legend Morgan is under fire for sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior. Us Magazine Morgan Freeman has issued a statement — that includes an apology — aftereight women came forward to accuse him of sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior. Hollywood’s Sexual Misconduct Scandals “Anyone who knows me or has worked with