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List of Book Festivals in the United States of America AJC Decatur Book Festival, GA Alabama Book Festival, AL Amelia Island Book Festival, FL Ann Arbor Book Festival, MI Ann Katz Festival of Books and Arts, IN Arkansas Literary Festival, AR Baltimore Book Festival, MD Battleboro Literary Festival, VT Beach Book Festival, NY Boston Book Festival, MA – The Boston Book Fair will take place October

Publisher: Cedric Nettles

Saturday, 18 January 2020 / Published in Entertainment Magazine
Cedric Nettles  Exposure Entertainment  Magazine Publisher My colleagues urged me to check this out.  And I can tell you this trailer is bone chilling. Aaron Hernandez took his life in prison and I find myself in an inner conflict of rather I should feel sorry for him because let’s face it CTE in the NFL
Wednesday, 15 January 2020 / Published in Entertainment Magazine
Cedric Nettles/Exposure Entertainment Publisher His cause of death is so far unknown. Johnson, born Wayde Douglas Bowles, began his career in the 1960s and after a stint in the World Wide Wrestling Federation became a top contender in the National Wrestling Alliance. There, he won numerous regional championships and tag-team championships. With partner Tony Atlas,
Friday, 10 January 2020 / Published in Entertainment Magazine
Cedric Nettles/Exposure Entertainment CEO What we are all about is EXPOSURE… FOG  2020 appears to share the same sentiment for artists and designers. I caught up with FOG representative  Abby Margulies to discuss the great things they have going on. What is your platform all about? And who is involved?    FOG’s mission is to
Sunday, 05 January 2020 / Published in Entertainment Magazine
Cedric Nettles/Senior Editor CBS News The 77th annual Golden Globes kicked off Sunday night with comedian Ricky Gervais hosting for his fifth time. He warned the audience he would be as mean as he’s always been at the award show, but reminded them “they’re just jokes” and to not take it too hard. Netflix leads the award

Publisher Melissa Ambers

Join me in congratulating Natasha S. Alford for being promoted to Vice President of Digital Content.  Byron Allens’s Entertainment Studio is one of the largest independent producers of film and television.  She got her start as a reporter at WROC TV in New York.  Listening to her presentation at TEDx Talk ( shows how she

Building a Boss Partnership

Like A Boss…….Is it what you think it is? Yea, I know we hear it a lot, and it can be overkill most of the time. Well, I decided to check out the movie, and it was good, but not as funny as I thought it would be because of the leading ladies (Tiffany Haddish

Top 10 Ways to Self Discipline

  If you have finally come to the place of admitting you have problems with self-discipline and you’re determined to finally overcome this, celebrate this step. It’s a clear indicator that you have reached a significant milestone. Here are twenty-one ways to help you boost your daily productivity and achieve your daily goals. 1.Avoid the
Every entrepreneur needs the right kind of mindset to grow their business. From how much you earn to how great your customer service is, your mindset supports and guides almost every part of your business. To check into how your business may be influenced by your mindset right now, ask yourself these questions. Does Your
  2020 is here! It’s a new year and a new decade! January is the perfect time to reflect on the year before and reprioritize your life and set goals for the months to come. What are your personal goals for 2020? Many people ask me, “Why should anyone have goals?” Well, there are quite
Most little girls growing up were almost guaranteed to have some type of doll collection they played with daily; for LaShirl Smith, she was no different than any other little girl at that age.  But as time moved on, so did she.  Enter the sports game.  At the age of 16, she had no interest

Publisher April Green

      Vondell Green/Contributing Writer       Art Credit/Vondell Green        At the age of 16, as I sat in class going about my normal business of the day the county police entered the room, took me into custody and charged me with armed robbery. At this point, I thought that
April Green/Publisher Whether or not you are attending a meeting with your child’s school, a therapy appointment, talking with teachers, meeting with the doctor, or reviewing reports when you are a parent of a child with exceptional needs  you are bound to come across many terms and acronyms such as IEP, DD, and BIP just
April Green/Publisher             Your heart is racing; you feel disoriented, your breathing is heavy and you cannot understand why. You feel tightness in your chest and pains in your arm and neck.  A moment ago, you were just fine going on about your life minding your business and then boom all of a sudden your