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“Stopping Hot Flashes is Possible. I am truly a witness to a life changing breakthrough in technology.” – Ms. Lawrence

What is hot flashes and the causes?

When a hot flash occurs, the upper body feels extremely warm, usually over the face, neck, and chest. Reddening of the skin can appear as if you are blushing. It is also possible for hot flashes to cause sweating. Afterwards, you may feel chilled if you lose too much body heat. During the night, you may experience hot flashes, which can disrupt your sleep.

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While other medical conditions can cause hot flashes, menopause is the most common cause – the onset of irregular menstrual cycles. Menopause is primarily characterized by hot flashes.

Over the past three years, I have been suffering from hot flashes. From drinking more water to taking natural estrogen supplements to yoga and meditation, I’ve tried everything. Although I was able to see a decline using a few of the mentioned techniques. Hot flashes continued to be a daily problem and extremely embarrassing at times. When I went into meetings, I would pray not to sweat out my hair and drip sweat. The onset of a hot flash cannot be predicted. To avoid being embarrassed, I stopped meeting with people in person and rely solely on Zoom.

Googled Aids for Hot Flashes

In the meantime, I continued to research options of maintaining hot flashes, while Google presented numerous options, not every proposed hot flash solution seemed to be the answer based on the reviews published by former consumers. Thank God for reviews, after all reviews will save you time and money.

Reviews Save Consumers from Wasting Time and Money

While I wasted tens of thousands of dollars on “so-called” HOT FLASH solutions sold over the Internet and on television (late night infomercials), I can assure you that there is an added value to speaking directly with a customer. It’s time to re-humanize how we communicate and build.

Experience a conversation that is worthy of your time and consideration.

Here’s a link to complete so we can meet soon. Happy NO HOT FLASH is coming.


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