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December 31, 2021

As I write to you today with great concern regarding what is happening to my mother at Cornerstone at Oak Creek RCA, located at 155 South Sunnyview in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, I wish to express my deep concern. We can only imagine how disheartening it is to have a family member suffer under the most adverse circumstances. Towards the end of July 2021, my mother moved into the house. Due to my own health challenges, I decided to move my mother into what I considered a safe environment. 

For the first four months at Cornerstone at Oak Creek, everything went smoothly, my mom seemed settled in, and as a result, my family was glad to know she was in good spirits. A change of management took place at the property. Services declined significantly after this. 

August-December Transportation

October 2021 Reported: Documented 

When I arrived for my routine visit in October 2021, I found a COVID-19 isolation gear basket placed outside my mother’s room. 

Neither announced nor informed by management, my mother was exposed to an employee who claimed to be COVID-19 positive. As the power of attorney, the point of contact, and a close family member, I had never been contacted by the management or any staff member associated with Cornerstone of Oak Creek regarding my mother being exposed to a staff member whom tested positive COVID-19. After expressing concerns about such incompetent behavior, the isolation restrictions were terminated mysteriously. 

Unauthorized & Questionable COVID-19 Testing: Patricia Ann Lawrence 

According to the property manager, my mother was tested, the results were negative. It goes without saying that no consent forms were ever provided nor did I receive any documentation that this “so called,” testing took place. 

Eviction Notice Presented: December 09, 2021 

According to Taylor, the new manager of Cornerstone of Oak Creek, my mother’s health had declined to such an extent that the staff could no longer provide services to my mother. My mother received an eviction notice on December 9th, 2021.

Patricia Ann Lawrence’s eviction was based on Taylor’s unskilled health examination and statements from Cornerstone of Oak Creek’s aides, according to Taylor. Before the eviction notification was sent, neither the management, the owner, nor anyone associated with Cornerstone of Oak Creek provided the family, Patricia Ann Lawrence’s (caseworker) Carrie Zake, the State of Wisconsin, nor the Power of Attorney any written documentation indicating concern for Mrs. Patricia Lawrence’s cognitive, behavioral, or decline in health, based on data provided by an independent physician. 

Consequently, the owner of Cornerstone of Oak Creek along with Taylor Dean proceeded with an errousous misrepresentation of Patricia Ann Lawrence’s current health status; suggested she needed to placed in a more skilled facilty.

Root Cause and Act to Retaliation 

During a routine visit to her mother during the 1st week of December, Tamu Lawrence asked an aide on duty to toilet her mother. Patricia’s left leg was covered in fluid (body fluid) in the form of stool. The aide was asked by Tamu Lawrence to return to the room to assist in cleaning up the stool. Reluctantly, the aide returned to the room to clean it up. Following that, Patricia Ann Lawrence’s case manager Carrie Zake, was served with an unsubstantiated eviction notice for Patricia Ann Lawrence

Following receiving the information, both Carrie Zake and Tamu Lawrence visited the property on the same day, where they were met by Taylor (Cornerstone of Oak Creek), the property manager, who rudely provided Carrie Zake with the eviction notice upon her arrival without considering HIPPA laws or the right of patient privacy. Cornerstone of Oak Creek manager Taylor presented the eviction notice in front staff members and residence to parade her newly found power as the managing member for Cornerstone of Oak Creek.

Misuse and Abuse of Power 

When Taylor discovered that her act to evict was lacking and unjust, she responded by rescinding the eviction notice, which is consistent with her display of power abuse and misuse. As a result of the findings she discovered during an unscheduled meeting with Carrie Zake and Tam Lawrence, Taylor decided to rescind the eviction notice. Oddly, the stress Taylor Dean has caused the family was uncalled for, Taylor Dean had moved to have Patricia Ann Lawrence evicted during the Holiday season. Regardless of Taylor Dean never sending any prior notification stating an issue with Patricia Ann Lawrence’s cares; Taylor Dean’s attitude was in poor taste. This attitude does not reflect the type of care needed in senior care to ensure, seniors are protected from abuse and neglect. However, Tamu Lawrence, daughter & POA  along Patricia Ann Lawrence’s case worker Carrie Zake; both offered to provide assistance with cares provided to Patricia Ann Lawrence.


Eviction notice revocation. 

A rescinded eviction notice for Cornerstone of Oak Creek was provided by the property’s management and owner. 

Tamu Lawrence arrived on December 24th, 2021 to find an unclean environment with an overflowing toilet filed with feces, dirty clothes in the shower, and Patricia Lawrence soaked in feces. 

Tamu Lawrence immediately went to the common area to find staff members to assist with the clean up. Patricia Ann Lawrence was met by Briana Brown, an aide who claimed to have cleaned her room and showered her after finding her covered in urine and stool. However, this was not true as the shower was dry, and the stool on Patricia Lawrence’s back and legs were also dry. And yet, Briana insisted that she provided such daily care. When Tamu Lawrence addressed the med tech who described the actual details, Briana Brown stopped responding and became frustrated with her.

Cornerstone of Oak Creek: Med Passer on 12/24/2021

Tamu Lawrence arrived at Cornerstone of Oak Creek on December 25, 2021 at 9:13 AM CST. Upon entering the closed-door unit, he discovered a spoon filled with apple sauce and Mrs. Patricia Lawrence’s meds mixed in with the sauce. A concerned Tamu Lawrence asked Rachel, the aide on duty, whether the find was actually her mother’s medication. In response to Tamu Lawrence’s insistence on the seriousness of such care, she confessed to leaving Patricia Lawrence’s medicine passing unattended. 

She thought it was cute on December 31, 2021 that she did not get in trouble for leaving my mother’s meds unattended so Rachel stop by today to laugh at the fact they called the police on me. Rachel left my mother’s meds on a spoon and walked out I came in hours later according to the camera recording and found the spoon with her seizure meds

Seeing how upset Rachel had become, Tamu Lawrence returned to the main office to comfort her, who immediately commented that she was in a terrible working environment and the only person in the building to care for the residents on Christmas day. 

Rachel admitted to leaving this unattended meds

The Fall 

Patricia Ann Lawrence mysteriously left a toileting routine at 4:02 AM CST on December 30, 2021, she allegedly entered an elevator, got off on the 2nd floor where, it was claimed, she walked into the exercise room where she failed on a treadmill and exercise bike after mysteriously leaving the exercise room. She was transported to the Acension Hospital in Franklin, Wisconsin. When she arrived, doctors said she was in good health. The doctors released her to Tamu Lawrence. 

Staff Confernation 

After bringing Patricia Ann Lawrence back to Cornerstone of Oak Creek, Tamu Lawrence asked Leann, a staff member, if a shower could be provided for her. Leann, asked Briana Brown to administer the shower with a negative attitude. Briana walked over, as they were walking Mrs. Patricia Ann Lawrence to her apartment, Tamu Lawrence asked Briana for her last name. In order to complete the report, Tamu Lawrence needed Briana’s last name. As Briana became more confrontational, she started swearing and said Tamu Lawrence had no right to ask her for her last name. Her walker, which was helping her to walk, was thrown. Tamu Lawrence retained the walker, escorting her mother Patricia Ann Lawrence safely to her apartment. Taylor Dean, the manager, was standing at the front desk when she returned to ask if there was anyone that could provide services to her mother Patricia Ann Lawrence. 

Patricia Ann Lawrence was given a shower by Rachel and Taylor Dean in the apartment. Taylor Dean returned from the shower to the front desk area where Briana Brown was unruly and disruptive. Briana Brown was asked to leave work for the day shortly after. 

A few hours later, Briana Brown returned to the property Cornerstone of Oak Creek, opening Tam Lawrence’s car door and screaming vulgar words out loud in the parking lot. Briana Brown and another staff member retreated to her car [WI License Plate #] as Tamu Lawrence went outside and reached the parking lot. They then drove around the property calling Tamu Lawrence vulgar names in the car. Immediately, Tamu Lawrence went to the property and informed Taylor Dean of the conditions, who smirked and ignored the report. Following Taylor Dean’s inaction, Tamu Lawrence contacted police. 

After arriving, police found Briana Brown in Briana’s Honda, along with an associate staff member. In order to avoid being arrested, the police asked Briana Brown to leave the area as soon as possible. In an effort to keep an eye on her mother Patricia Ann Lawernce, Tamu Lawrence spoke with the police and returned to her mother’s room. She remained in the room until 10:32 PM CST. 


Management Resoponse to Conflict on Dec 30, 2021

Tamu Lawrence was called by Taylor Dean at 10:19 AM CST to demand she not return to the property. Taylor Dean revealed that Tamu Lawrence and her family members have been suspended from visiting her since the police were called. Taylor Dean expressed concerns for the safety of her staff and the building. 

In addition, Taylor Dean claimed that the camera surveillance system in Patricia Ann Lawrence’s leased apartment must be immediately removed because of her inability to use a ‘paint privacy’ WI.STAT properly. 51.61 Paitent Right  – Taylor Dean asserted that she had the right to demand whatever she wanted as the property manager. 

Taylor Dean called the police after Tam Lawrence explained that she was not adhering to the conditions set forth by Taylor Dean, and said she intended to have her removed from the property along with the camera devices being disconnected by noon (if not). 

Tamu Lawrence arrived at the property within 10 minutes of the Oak Creek Police Department arriving. Tamu Lawrence expressed that she was the daughter and power of attorney of Patricia Ann Lawrence. As Taylor Dean is contesting the POA due to her inability to locate the active POA, Tamu Lawrence presented the police with an active POA, at which point the police explained that Tamu Lawrence had every right to visit her mother as long as an active POA was in place. 

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