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Toronto, Ontario – This highly anticipated children’s book will be released February 16th on Amazon under Miss Bonita and Friends and “THE CASE OF THE GIRL WHO HAD TO BE PERFECTLY PERFECT”. Written by Lisa Lallouz, the creator of the Miss Bonita and Friends books and Web series, the book is co-written by Suzzane Coy, a Jamaican born African Canadian Actor/Producer & talent manager.  Together they have partnered with the Honourable Dr. Jean Augustine (the first Black Canadian women elected to the House of Commons) to deliver “THE CASE OF THE GIRL WHO HAD TO BE PERFECTLY PERFECT.”   Lallouz and the Miss Bonita & Friends group are well known for their stories with relatable learning moments for children.  Stories told in their award-winning book and Web series formats that take children on magical journeys to help them find ways to overcome problems.   

“THE CASE OF THE GIRL WHO HAD TO BE PERFECTLY PERFECT” invites readers into the world of a child named Jean, inspired by the Honourable Dr. Jean Augustine.  When Little Jean faces a problem, Miss Bonita and her magical friends, Baba doll, Dooby Ber, and Comfy the Comforter take little Jean on a magical journey that helps her open her heart to new adventures where she discovers ways to solve her problems.  “THE CASE OF THE GIRL WHO HAD TO BE PERFECTLY PERFECT” is part of Miss Bonita and Friends and The Honourable Dr. Jean Augustine’s collaboration to reach beyond Canadian borders, embarking on a global initiative supporting the mental health of children.    

A percentage of the proceeds from “THE CASE OF THE GIRL WHO HAD TO BE PERFECTLY PERFECT” will be donated to one of the Honourable Dr. Jean Augustine’s many charities. 

The journey begins February 16th.  Purchase your copy of “THE CASE OF THE GIRL WHO HAD TO BE PERFECTLY PERFECT”  

“I am so very pleased to join the Miss Bonita and Friends team and to have the opportunity to be a part of the inspirational work that you do. I think of myself and the childhood I had growing up and we didn’t have the stresses that kids have today. Kids today are dealing with many more challenges. The Miss Bonita and Friends stories are empowering examples of the ability we have to make a difference in our lives and the lives of others. These stories give us the opportunity to see into other people’s lives, to make comparisons, and to be inspired by the stories of others. There is no thorn that does not produce a rose. The Miss Bonita and Friends children’s series puts this message out to young people. The lessons in these stories help them to realize what they can do in the world, what the world has to offer, and that they can be citizens of the world.” 

The Honourable Dr. Jean Augustine 

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