Messengers Among Us

This week I have been amazed at the world around me. I am continually working toward self-actualization.  On this quest, I seek to manifest clarity of my beliefs for my well-being.  My work is to constantly detach from the world around me to find truth among the noise and chaos that consumes our lives and

Informer – This is a Mind Shift

We have all had moments of defining ourselves by our stories.  For many of us, this is the only way we know how to explain who we are, through our stories.  We tell them repeatedly.  Churning them in our minds, over and over again.  Explaining them and valuating them to expound on why we do

Trauma in US

A recent article in the Washington Post by Michael Alison Chandler, reports that, “47 percent of children and teens have experienced a traumatic event, such as the death or incarceration of a parent, witnessing or being a victim of violence, living with someone who has been suicidal or who has a drug or alcohol problem, or


EDITORIAL: PRINT Act needs to pass Newspapers have played a key role in the foundation and history of this great nation. They inform, motivate, record and tell the stories of the communities they serve. Throughout history newspapers have played a vital role in who we are as a nation. Leading up to America’s split the

Exposure Magazine-Newspaper

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