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Black creatives opening businesses

By: Angelica Owens/Culture Editor

Since Coronavirus started, black-owned businesses have decreased in sales. However, small black-owned businesses that are opening have skyrocketed during this time. Following the Black Lives Matter protests, the black community started supporting black-owned businesses even more since that is where the injustice is occurring.

By the time Juneteenth came around, the black people supporting small black businesses have been the highest in a while. Everywhere you looked, you saw another person creating a business. Whether that was lashing, facial products, face masks, clothing, they decided to finally start that business. While the reason behind the quarantine is unfortunate, it was well needed. It has forced everyone to use their skills and start the businesses that they always dreamed about starting. Black creatives are coming out of quarantine, as business owners so one thing, the pandemic taught them, is to go after what they want.

Angelica Owens
IG: angellorine
Twitter: AngelLorine1
FB: Angel Lorine Owens

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