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[Music] what is up so Pamela’s a perfect soldier of life and today I am hitting you guys up the first video from Germany yes we out here in Germany speak in English super weird talking English in Germany because usually I’ve been trying to speak German but enough of that so yes this is the first video I wanted to make sure you guys in Germany but really what I wanted to do in this video was to answer a question which I’ve never thought of before because previously I’ve been living in Germany for about three and a half years or so and it never really I noticed it but I never was doing YouTube at the time so I never thought to do a video about it but it’s basically the experience of being and living black in Germany and the number one thing I’m gonna say there’s a couple points I’m gonna hit on but the number one thing is I would say is that I’ve never felt so at home in my life and it I believe that everybody’s experiences are the same right but to feel the type of equality to feel like there’s no different types of judgement and of course every every culture every race every nationality you’re gonna have your own type of prejudgment to let other people feel like they feel better than yourself again but here I’ve never felt such inequality before even living or live being from America just a little back story like I said I was military stationed here for three and a half years and if you haven’t been here before there is people from all over you know I mean I mean primarily depends on the seed that you go to but people come from all over the world to live here and that’s not to say like that happens in a lot of big cities but I feel like this place it’s such a diverse group of people that it’s not really it’s not really a big thing about who you are so the first expect that I was gonna touch on is equality and like I said before people don’t judge you about things that make people different but it’s more about equality and about how you treat people in general and the thing about it is it’s not just in Germany it’s like Europe in general right so I remember when I was in the UK like if you don’t know and as an American I personally wouldn’t know unless I went there but in the UK there was like so many different like people and that’s the thing it’s not just American because even being American like if you don’t know just the thought of being black in America it’s like its own identity thing but it’s people all over the world that you actually get to connect with that that comes from a deeper meaning instead of just what happened you know and you know a couple hundred years ago and sleeping all the good stuff and I’m the fact that they’ve already come to terms with you know I’m saying like they just it’s just a different method of thinking and it’s not like oh you know it’s the color of my skin doesn’t hinder me from doing anything differently you know me and that’s the thing that I like I love about it here in Europe you know in general you know France England Germany all those places they basically like its equivalent they treat you as the person instead of as the color stuff like that and yeah I mean girls some girls like that some girls don’t you know but a lot of them do and it’s not because I know when I was in Asia like it feels like people because the society kind of puts the they put the precedence on you know having fair skin makes you seem better or you’re clean or something like that like here it’s almost like not not to say like in a general sense but for me personally it’s just like it’s it’s the sense of like you know danger and curiosity and something different a little bit you know I mean so it’s like I feel like the chocolate swirl inside of a strawberry and vanilla Napoleon ice cream box you know I mean and who doesn’t eat all the chocolate perfect that’s how I feel like here but um yeah like the quality is like second to none that I’ve ever seen personally in the world so far I don’t know I haven’t been everywhere what I’m just saying in Europe in general but definitely in Germany it’s equal across the board man number two is well the second point I want to say is the friendliness now it’s one thing to just treat people equally no we all say that we want to treat people equal and we try to act like we do but to really treat people equal and be friendly and actually be nice to them and actually want to get to know them you know this is another feeling that I it had you know just being in America you know I mean you talk to people like that equal but it’s like this undertone that’s not really the same like you know I’m a little bit better than you whatever it’s a blessing but here it’s just like most people are like really friendly because they want to because they want to actually get to know who you are and the thing like even when I meet people not to say treating the same like they would treat me different but it’s just like it’s not even a barrier it’s not even a thought the only thought that’s in the air would be the thought that I’m presenting to the situation or to myself you know I’m saying so they don’t really care at all and they’re friendly to everybody that they want to meet and if they’re not friendly with you it’s not because you know your colors because they’re just not friendly you know I mean so you just got to get over that but it’s not like this oh hey hi hello you know I mean and like I said I have three years experience and I haven’t had yet to be to a place to where I feel you know the universal embrace like it was just like it’s nothing you know which it really is nothing but I just never felt that before since being in and that’s why I end up calling this place home Wow yeah just a story that I had and that’s the second it comes from Universal you know and that’s the thing like in America right I had a lot of trouble with the law and people they think like when they see dudes do it on TV like police’ five-o or whatever you know I’m saying they think it’s because like some [ __ ] that they seen on TV or whatever but for me personally it’s that wasn’t the case I actually had the run-ins with the law I actually had them you know pull over my vehicle for no reason and search me for no reason without probable cause actually you know had them come to my house and accuse me of doing things that I haven’t done you know actually telling me that I was not I was like a bad person for hanging around people that had guns when I didn’t even have a gun at the time and you know my personal feeling I’m not gonna stop being friends with people because they got guns like that don’t make no sense cuz we can throw a whole nother debate about the NRA and all that good [ __ ] but they met how they made me feel you know I’m saying I would I just end up saying you know like oh yeah I mean like they never did good for me it was always problems so yeah so then coming here it was a story me and my buddy we were driving to another city which is like a couple hours away and we got pulled over a lot of the police or the pullers I and the funny thing is right like me and we’re like we’re so used to like being in little trouble with the law so when they pulled us over I call this [ __ ] oh man what do we do we don’t even know we did but we are in trouble like we got to get out of here whatever it is and then what happened was they pulled us over and they end up informing us that our tag was hanging loose you know so my buddy he had his a license plate and he only had to play he only had two screws in there one of the screws was out so I was hanging loose and then basically what happened was they were telling us that the tag was loose and it was like oh [ __ ] we didn’t know you know we’ll fix it right away sir you know no problem so then there was no chickie issuing no citations and what happened was they end up asking us like hey you know do you want us to help you fix it you know we got time if you want to pull over we got some tools in the back you know we can help you fix it if you want no problem and I was just so taken by that you know I mean I’ve never in my life had had a law enforcement officer like try to actually help like in a general sense of just helping you know I’m not to say like maybe they have other things to do you know I mean but the fact that they actually would even give the helping hand to do that that actually they would actually take the time they actually they actually cared you know I mean and they said like you know I hate having your license plate hanging it’s dangerous not only could it fall but it can hit the car behind you or whatever but the fact that they would actually give a helping hand to help you I’ve never in my 20-something odd years of being in America I had a policeman that wanted to stop me and actually do anything but give me a citation or take me to jail or something like that nobody wanted to help nobody wanted to help they were helping themselves business you know meet your quota or whatever but here they actually wanted to help you know put on a licence paper like that to me in itself was like like I’m done you know I’m saying I don’t even see the point so that’s what I mean just like my friendliness equality the standards of living is higher it’s like they care about trashing the streets when they actually have people doing bad things there’s another story when I was going to the store some lady end up backing into a car and then driving away and there was like 20 people that just stopped us saying oh my I can’t believe that happened they got the license plate number and total Malia you know let the let the informants know what happened and the license plate number and what happened but it’s like this it’s it’s a societal circle of like taking care of each other and making sure everybody’s doing the right thing and it’s just it goes such a long way you know it goes such a long way especially when you come from a society that doesn’t have that at all now you will have your occasional haters you will have people that don’t really like you for whatever reason you know you know what the reason is but that’s okay you know you’re not gonna win every single battle the world is not meant for you to just you know think that you can go through without being hated or whatever it’s whatever you are people gonna hate in your regardless but I think that the advantages totally outweigh the disadvantages even were like makes your children you might see some older people be like I don’t like that you know when you see that you know interracial relationship like I don’t like it but I’m like the event advantages totally outweigh the disadvantages I’ve never felt such embrace you know I’ve just I think it’s just they put so much more attention to the things that matter and actually living a good lifestyle being happy and enjoying yourself on a day-to-day basis instead of worrying about that stupid stuff you know so you can catch me at every Oktoberfest bolts fest wearing later holes and yeah it’s whatever man and it’s just it’s it’s a beautiful country to me you know so being black in Germany easy it’s the easiest thing ever for me I think so and yeah definitely you know if you ever thought about coming in Germany shoot on down man it’s a beautiful thing but yeah that was my spiel for today and let me know in the comments section below if you were black never been to Germany if you had a different experience maybe you have one that’s same as mine let me know in the comments below like I said beef oh what’s that is all I got for today this is your boy Chris with Soulja life I’m out [Music] [Music] [Music]

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