Exposure Magazine has replaced its advertisement selections with its newest EXPOSED COLLECTION providing you with an unprecedented experience. Exposure Magazine has released its Smart TV App – Exposure TV Network streaming on Smart TV device in 128 countries, downloadable on Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, Android TV, Apple TV, and iOS Apple App Store. In addition to the Smart TV App, Exposure Magazine – cultivated a podcast network called, Exposure Podcast the 3 media platforms grants you an opportunity to go Audio + VIDEO + DIGITAL + PRINT in one space. Now that’s EXPOSURE!

Exposure Magazine Plague Collection

Stanford Package: Editorial 1-Full Page Full Color and Plaque
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Founders Package: Customized Magazine Cover, 1-Full Page Editorial, Cover Story Details,
Web Banner, Full Color, and receive your customized Print Copy in the Mail
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Legacy Package: Cover with Cover Story, 4 Pages in Magazine, Full Color, Web Banner, and Podcast & Streaming Commercial 5 min Commercial Airtime for 1 year $5995.00 you
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We are extremely excited to be providing the best media coverage package offered today. Our classic collection reflects an experience every brand desires, EXPOSURE.

Your customized package includes the following:

Signature Plaque: Acrylic, Metal, or Wood – the professional plaque takes up to 10 days for delivery. Depending on the package you purchase your plaque will have one to three fulfillment areas, content matted will be in full color.

Magazine Editorial: You can opt-in for our journalists to prepare the interview or provide us with a well-written editorial for publishing [no more than 300 words]. You will need to include [high resolution] photos and images. Our design team will provide the final layout, you will receive a copy of the layout for approval before publishing any content.

Web banner: Your brand will be placed on https://www.exposure-magazine.com you can provide us with an ad 325 x 90 in full color or we can design an ad for you. Depending on the package your ad will remain in circulation for up to 1 year. All web banners include a hyperlink to your website or e.commerce link.

Cover: Exposure Magazine Customized – cover orders requiring an appointment with one of our agents. You will be provided with full details to ensure we provide you with the best service possible. Your cover will be customized to fit your brand and person.

Cover Story: Journalistically speaking this is the moment every brand desires in most cases mags are more likely to present the cover with a high profile individual, celebrity, sports athlete, or political party. Your cover story presents an opportunity for you to pivot your brand, presenting your “Why?” Your cover story will cover 2 pages in full color [2-page spread].

Streaming TV Commercial: Pre-record a 5 min commercial ad, the ad will be streaming on Exposure TV Network App accessible on Smart TV devices such as ROKU, Amazon Fire Stick, Apple TV, Android TV, iOS Apple App Store, and on Exposure TV Network Facebook page. Must be delivered in MP4 format

Audio Streaming Commercial: Pre-record a .90 second commercial ad, the audio file MP3 will be streaming on Exposure Podcast Network accessible on iHeart Radio, Amazon Music, Pandora, Apple iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Android, FM Player, Podchaser, Podcast Addiction, and a host of other podcast platforms.

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EXPOSURE PODCAST NETWORK: Become a Listener of Good News and Real Life Stories

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Canelo & Billy Joe Saunders Exchange Words At Final Press Conference: https://www.exposure-magazine.com/canelo-billy-joe-saunders-exchange-words-at-final-press-conference/

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