Published April Green, Disabilities Journalist

Exposure Magazine is not just another publication seeking to entertain our readers, viewers, and listeners the publication pride itself on covering stories not seen on the nightly news. Exposure Magazine is breathing life back into true journalism and investigative content, that our readership will appreciate.

Published by Tam Lawrence, Visionary and Media Mogul

Exposure Magazine released its first issue in Atlanta, Georgia in 2013 with no regret the publication continued to grow online and in print since. Exposure Magazine released incredible stories over the years such as the 64,000 African American women and girls missing in America and the increasing number of African American males in America’s slave camps called, prison.

Exposure Magazine is media advocacy that will continue to address societal issues for all. Exposure Magazine has offered entertaining stories in the past from celebrity interviews to uncovered investigative stories. Needless to say, Exposure Magazine discovered its readership desired to not be entertained but rather educated and informed. As a result, it’s publisher curated NEW content more attractive to Exposure Magazine’s readers such as politics, medical malpractice, government, business development, and more is coming your way.


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Publisher of Exposure Magazine, Tam Lawrence

I’d like to take this opportunity to extend warm wishes and a heartfelt greeting! As the Chief Marketing Officer, I understand the challenges of reaching minority-owned media, which is why I am thrilled to introduce you to Exposure Magazine. Exposure Magazine is an amazing publication created with the mission of amplifying voices of those who are underrepresented in the media.

Live Luxuriously,

Exposure Magazine brings the upscale lifestyle directly to you with our tenth year in circulation. We deliver fashion trends, travel must-haves and chic cocktail recipes that put us at the top for anyone who loves living life to its fullest. Whether you are a jetsetter or an aspiring homebody, we have all that you need to enrich your lifestyle at every turn. With Exposure Magazine, experience luxury from anywhere and enjoy it from everywhere!

Upscale Lifestyle Delivered

Exposure Magazine provides a unique outlet for readers to explore the finer things in life. We’ve been circulating for 10 years, meaning that we’ve had plenty of time to perfect our ability to reach those with an eye for style and sophistication. From entertaining tips to luxurious product finding, don’t miss out on experiencing this sophisticated lifestyle through our magazine.

Posh Lifestyle Access

By subscribing to Exposure Magazine, you gain access to what it means for those leading a posh lifestyle. You can discover the latest trends and luxurious experiences from around the world, easily connected via our publication. It doesn’t matter if you have been living this way your whole life or just starting out – Exposure Magazine offers exclusive information that’s guaranteed to thrill any reader interested in pursuing a more pampered lifestyle.

“Crossing racial lines is the ultimate act of courage, for it invites us to embrace our common humanity.”

As Exposure Magazine celebrates its 10th year anniversary, it is reflective of the changes that have taken place over the last decade. The magazine has emerged from humble beginnings as a small publication to a highly esteemed and widely distributed media source. As such, the 10th year anniversary marks an important milestone for the magazine as it has provided both entertainment and education on a variety of topics during its illustrious career.

Exposure Magazine is undergoing a significant transformation, transitioning from its previous status as a general interest periodical to an elite lifestyle publication that promotes the highest quality of product offerings. This shift in focus will allow Exposure Magazine to further expand its readership by targeting those individuals who seek out the most exclusive brands and luxury experiences available.

Limitless Possibilities Ahead!

Exposure Magazine’s contributing writers will be engaging in a process of collaborative editing with editors in order to generate and curate essay-style stories of a higher caliber. Through this team approach, the writers and editors will leverage their respective expertise to facilitate the production of content for Exposure Magazine that is both rigorous and innovative. This process is designed to promote the advancement of Exposure Magazine’s narrative form, which will serve as a platform for creativity and expression for its contributing writers.

“Focus on What Counts.”

The 10th year anniversary of Exposure Magazine is a pivotal moment for the publication, and it is essential that appropriate changes are implemented in order to facilitate growth. This could include modifications to the content, layout, and overall production process of the magazine. The incorporation of new strategies could also be beneficial, such as integrating digital components or exploring innovative marketing tactics. Additionally, a review of existing resources and methods of distribution should be undertaken to ensure efficiency and maximize potential reach.

“Breaking down the boundaries of race is a step towards creating a world of unity and understanding.”

Exposure Magazine is the go-to publication for those looking to live a life of luxury. Featuring exclusive interviews with some of the world’s most influential people, it offers a unique insight into the lifestyles of the rich and famous. Additionally, Exposure Magazine provides reviews and recommendations on high-end products and services, as well as advice on how to get ahead in business and investments. For those seeking a more sophisticated lifestyle, Exposure Magazine is an invaluable resource, offering tips on how to make their lives more glamorous. Moreover, readers can stay up-to-date with the latest trends in fashion and beauty thanks to regular feature articles from industry professionals. With its combination of insider knowledge, advice and inspiring stories from around the world, Exposure Magazine will help customers reach greater heights of success and sophistication.