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“FBI investigations show that human traffickers continue to use online platforms to recruit individuals to engage in forced labor or sex work. The Internet lets human traffickers contact virtually anyone in the world, giving them an opportunity to communicate with and recruit victims domestically and internationally,” said the FBI. 

The plan to create an online community within the web site of Exposure Magazine for those who seek to grow in business, friendships and otherwise. Exposure Magazine Ultra Lifestyle offers a powerful design and user friendly online cloud-based community.
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Being apart of Exposure Magazine's shared publishing program has given me the freedom to be my own boss and expose my following to content related to my expertise. As the publisher of Exposure Entertainment MagazineI am totally stoked by the opportunities offered by Exposure Magazine for digital publishers.
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We've found what works for us - is that we support those who support the publication and it's community. After all, who would ask for anything they themselves are not willing to give. Therefore, unsolicited content does come with a price to ensure we offer equal win-win options and opportunities.
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